Haisam Hussein


Your Jeans Are Ruining the Earth

Denim's environmental impact is huge.


The September Issue of VICE Magazine Is Now Online

There's an excerpt from Emily Witt's upcoming book about Nollywood, snapshots from a flower festival in Valencia, Spain, and more.


The June Issue of VICE Magazine Is Now Online

There's an excerpt from Sherman Alexie's upcoming memoir, a look at how the US deportation policy is stoking gang violence, and more.


The March Issue of VICE Magazine Is Now Online

There's a profile of Vince Staples, a feature from Molly Crabapple on the fate of tens of thousands of refugees trapped in Greece, and more.


Implants, Artificial Lungs, and Other Technologies Could Change Medicine Forever

Haisam Hussein explores our cyborg future in this month's infographic.


Women Are Taking Over the World's Democracies

We take a look at global democracy and the rise of women leaders ahead of the US presidential election.


This Is How Alternative Energy Works

The move away from fossil fuels seems to be gaining momentum, and a number of creative solutions have emerged.


A Brief History of Ponzi Schemes

From three-card monte to insurance fraud to more sophisticated financial scams, the goal of a Ponzi scheme is always the same—to make a quick buck.


How Cops Control Crowds

A graphic look into the types of weapons governments use to keep the public at bay.


Infographic: A Breakdown of America's Life Behind Bars

When it comes to prisons, the US favors quantity over quality. We lock up millions and then release them ill-equipped to reenter society, hampered by debt from prison fees, and barred from certain forms of government assistance.


Infographic: Fewer Americans Are Seeing the Benefits of Higher Education

Since the 60s, college enrollment has gone up and down, but overall it's risen steadily. We're now once again in a downturn, and it may be due to the healthy economy.


January's Employees of the Month

Meet Haisam Hussein, Daniel Hernandez, Spencer Woodman, Jaimie Warren, Gemma Sieff, and Jacob Z. Gross.