Haiti earthquake

Impact Equality

This Anti-Trafficking Group Uses Art and Fashion to Take Down Child Slavery

Beauty for Freedom is trying to be a leading voice in the fight against child trafficking.
Kastalia Medrano

Bloody Clashes Break Out in Port-au-Prince as Haiti Is Left Without a President

Haiti's parliament has drafted an agreement for a caretaker government to be installed after the end of the president's term on Sunday, but the chaotic political situation has triggered unrest in the capital.
Simon Ostrovsky

Man Stoned to Death by Angry Protesters as Haiti's Political Crisis Intensifies

Haiti's president is expected to leave office on Sunday, and the political uncertainty created by the situation has pushed the country to the brink of chaos.
Tess Owen

Raw Coverage From the Dominican Republic

VICE News was live from Santo Domingo, where thousands are facing denaturalization and deportation.

Dominican Republic Gives Haitians Until Midnight to Register or Face Deportation

Non-Haitian migrants were being ushered in line ahead of scores of waiting Haitians who were gathered at government offices ahead of a deadline to register — or face deportation to a country many barely know.
Gabriela Gorbea
Correspondent Confidential

Uncovering a Mysterious Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

After the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, reporter Sebastian Walker arrived in Port-au-Prince to cover the aftermath. In the midst of the chaos, a mystery disease began to spread rapidly across the country.
Sebastian Walker

Dumping a Bucket of Ice on Your Head Does Not Make You a Philanthropist

The #IceBucketChallenge is the latest in lazy, narcissistic "hashtag activism." If you want to change the world, you're not going to do it by tweeting, wearing a tacky bracelet, or dumping ice water over your head.
Arielle Pardes