Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

A German Rapper Went Viral on YouTube and Everyone in America Is Confused

“Bro, what? This man is doing cocaine off an iPhone!”
Julius Wußmann
G20 protests

Burning Barricades and Police Brutality at Hamburg's G20 Protests

I got soaked by a water cannon covering a weekend of rioting.
Henry Langston
G20 protests

Anti-G20 Activists Told Us What They Brought to the Protest in Hamburg

"My inflatable crocodile works as a shield against police batons, and as a seat. It also just lightens the mood."
Alexander Indra
St. Pauli

Meet the St. Pauli Fan Clubs Springing Up Across the Globe

In recent years, admirers of the German second-division side have grouped together as far afield as Glasgow, Athens, Brazil and New York. We spoke to them about supporting St. Pauli and activism overseas.
Will Magee

Bobby Wood Rockets In A Beautiful Shot From Distance

It was one of those beautifully struck balls that lifts both feet off the ground in a balletic twist.
Liam Daniel Pierce

It's Not Just You: Euro Cities Are Looking Eeerily Familiar

New book 'Familiar' by Luca Picardi looks at how new developments in different cities are becoming formulaic echoes of each other.
Kevin Holmes

A Silicon Valley-Like Startup Accelerator, But For Artists

Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey wants to give other artists a chance to go into business.
DJ Pangburn
activist football in god's own country

Meet Yorkshire St. Pauli, The Activist Fan Club Facilitating Change

If we were searching for a St. Pauli fan club, Leeds might be the last place we’d look. So, what inspires football fans in Yorkshire to support Hamburg’s iconic second-tier club?
Will Magee

Making a Maestro: In Conversation With David August

Ahead of his latest release, we caught up with the virtuoso about balancing work and play.
Angus Harrison

Hamburg Just Became the World's First City to Ban Pod Coffee

Hamburg has had enough. In an effort to lead by green example and fight waste, the city has banned pod coffee from government buildings.
Wyatt Marshall
thump exclusive stream

​Braxton is the UK's Answer to that Diynamic Sound

Solomun is (probably) mad that MTA Records got to him first.
Jemayel Khawaja

Digitalism's Brash, New "Roller" Proves the Duo Hasn't Lost Any Edge

We talked with Hamburg's finest about the comeback tune and details on their forthcoming album.
Jemayel Khawaja