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Orlando Gunman's Father Says God — Not His Son — Should Punish Gay People

"The punishment for homosexuality is upon God and he will decide on them not humans," said Seddique Mir Mateen, father of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen.
Ruby Samuels

Robert Grenier: The VICE News Interview

VICE News interviews the former CIA official who designed America’s war in Afghanistan.
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Afghanistan and Iran Get Cozier — Which Is Good News for the US

Iran and Afghanistan announced new security and trade agreements over the weekend that actually match up with America's goals for the region.
Gary Owen
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Islamic State Offshoot in Afghanistan Claims Deadly Suicide Attack on Bank

A Taliban spokesman condemned an attack that killed at least 33 people and wounded more than 100 others in the city of Jalalabad, calling it an "evil act."
Olivia Becker

Ghani Goes to Washington: Stakes Are High on Afghan President’s First US Visit

Ashraf Ghani makes his first trip to Washington as Afghanistan’s president today, and he will likely seek assurances that the US won't pull out its men and money too quickly as fighting season approaches in his country.
Alice Speri
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Afghanistan Never Really Banned Night Raids in the First Place

Contrary to a recent report that the Afghan government was lifting a ban on night raids, there was actually no ban, partial or otherwise, put into place by Hamid Karzai.
Gary Owen

Finding Bergdahl - Part 4

This is the fourth installment of Robert Young Pelton's account of his involvement with the 2009 search for Private Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.
Robert Young Pelton
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US Troops to Stay in Afghanistan After Security Deal Inked

President Ashraf Ghani signed a pact that allows roughly 10,000 American personnel to remain in the country, avoiding a complete withdrawal that was set to happen in December.
John Beck
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A Gang Rape in Afghanistan Is Exploited for Political Theater

An Afghan appeals court upheld death sentences today for five men convicted of brutal gang rapes. But the trials had little to do with justice for the victims.
Gary Owen

Assassination of Afghan President's Cousin Leaves Power Vacuum and a Difficult Legacy

Hashmat Khalil Karzai was killed by a suicide bomber on Tuesday. The demise of a controversial figure poses many questions for Afghanistan.
Ali M Latifi
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US Aims for Afghanistan Elections Are a Whole Lot Different Than They Used to Be

If the US-brokered deal to resolve the Afghan election impasse works, it could give Afghans exactly what they want — less US influence.
Gary Owen

Agreement Reached for Unprecedented Audit in Afghanistan Election

Secretary of State John Kerry brokered an agreement whereby the results of the recent Afghan election would be audited.
Ali M Latifi