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The Best Holiday Hangover Cures

From potato chip scrambled eggs to taking morning shots of Fernet, we explore some foolproof ways to feel your best going into the new year.
VICE Staff

A Guide to Every Hangover Cure I've Ever Tried

Some of these might come in handy.
Jordan Foisy

Inside Korea's Booming Anti-Hangover Industry

As long as there's a market for getting drunk, there will be a market for numbing the pain the next day.
Ann Babe

I Tried to Cure My Hangover with an IV Drip on a Party Bus

"Hangover therapy" companies have started cropping up recently, with many of them charging hundreds of dollars to cure a morning-after headache. Is it worth it?
Zach Sokol

Fresh Mushroom Pappardelle and Sicilian Street Food

After filling up on wine and tequila, we woke up Matty and his friends Fabio and Michael and dragged them out to an Italian suburb of Toronto, where they foraged for mushrooms in the woods.
VICE Staff

America's First Water Sommelier Drinks Icebergs

As the first water sommelier in America, Martin Riese has upset some people who view his very existence as a symptom of the worst kind of status-obsessed consumer culture. But he says he drinks water the same way other people take in art.
Joe Ricchio

Kimchi Seafood Soup

For the second episode of our pretty much brand new food show, <i>Matty Matheson's Hangover Cures</i>, we took Matty to Montreal to get smashed with the brilliant Antonio Park, just so they could make a spicy seafood kimchi soup the next day.
VICE Canada

Hakka Style Comfort Food with Nick Liu

For the premiere episode of VICE Canada's first original food show, we took our host Matty Matheson out to Markham—a Toronto suburb known for excellent Chinese food. After an insane night out, our guest Nick Liu cooked us an amazing comfort food meal...
Matty Matheson