happy holidays

happy holidays

Watch This Humanoid Robot Doing Pushups and Crunches and Reckon with Your Own Mortality

Researchers say the robots will help with the development of prostheses.
Kaleigh Rogers
happy holidays

Parents Are Upset About a Teacher's 300-Pound Pentagram Display

The installation showed up earlier this month in Boca Raton's "free expression" zone, complete with the words "May the Children Hail Satan."
Lauren Messman
Internet Exploring

It's the Time of Year to Bring Back “Nine Inch Noëls," the Best Twisted Christmas Carol for NIN Fans

Head like a ho! ho! hole!
Jill Krajewski

We Asked an Aerospace Engineer How to Make a Flying Reindeer

Step one: Add wings. Step two: haul ass.
Pippa Wysong

This Guy Sprayed a Homeless Person with a Hose on Christmas Eve and Wants It to 'Go Viral'

On Christmas Eve, a guy named 'Dollar Billions' sprayed a woman with a hose to get her off his property, and for internet points.
Mike Pearl
rap monument

Happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Various Other Holidays: Here Is the Full UNEDITED Rap Monument

You're welcome.
Noisey Staff

Enter Noisey's Awesome Holiday Giveaway!

Enter to win a Novation BassStation II, a Twiztid skate deck, and more!
Noisey Staff

Drunken British Tourists Are Ruining Greek Vacation Spots

Laganas, a sun-kissed village on the Greek island of Zante, is the kind of vacation destination where it takes ten minutes to get drunk, another ten to reach orgasm, and an eternity to get over all the horrible things you've done. Naturally, it's a...
VICE Greece

A Salvation Army Worker Was Assaulted for Not Saying "Merry Christmas"

A kettle-bell ringer for the Salvation Army in Arizona was attacked by a woman for saying “Happy Holidays” and not “Merry Christmas." Kristina Vindiola was ringing her bell in an effort to raise money for the homeless and got smacked for her trouble.
Alison Stevenson