Har Mar Superstar


Ryan Adams Calls Father John Misty “Most Self-Important Asshole on Earth”

“Ryan Adams called me the most important asshole on Earth,” Misty responded.


Action Bronson Considers a New Alien Theory with Riff Raff and Andy Milonakis Tonight on VICELAND

On an all new episode of 'Action Bronson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens,' Action gets a massage and Andy Milonakis tries to explain what memories are.


Get Dirty to Har Mar Superstar's "It Was Only Dancing (Sex)"

Well this is easily the best song title we've heard all year.


Behold! The Full Length Batshit Crazy Trailer of 'Adam Green's Aladdin'

The ultimate pop weirdo, Adam Green, has remade 'Aladdin' with papier-mâché boobs, Macaulay Culkin and a butt ton of your favorite artists, including Devendra and Andrew from MGMT.


Har Mar Superstar: "It Amazes Me How Much People Expect Musicians to be Waifs"

Har Mar's releasing his new LP on Julian Casablancas's Cult Records, but the day this emerged some press took potshots at his physique. He addresses the issue here.


Meet The Crying Boy In SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS And Traverse The LA Movie Premiere With Har Mar Superstar

Crying boy Jackson Parker, Elijah Wood, Danny Masterson, Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, and more at the film’s LA debut.


Har Mar Superstar Surfs The Red Carpet At The Premiere Of SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS

Talking to fans, friends, and filmmakers about the film, the band, and everyone’s ultimate going away party.