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Angry Orchard Responds to Allegations of Racial Profiling, Ruining Guests' Proposal

The cider company says it's "extremely embarrassed" for interrupting a wedding proposal to accuse a Black woman of stealing from the gift shop.


18 Apple Recipes Because You Thought Apple Picking Would Be "So Fun"

You picked this apple bed, and now you have to lie in it.


West Country Cider Is a Relic from Another Century

Although the UK has seen a huge resurgence of interest in commercial cider over the past decade, true West Country cider is a different beast—one that delivers a life-affirming booze kick alongside bold spice.


This Apple Historian Wants You to Meditate on Your Fruit

Apple historian Tom Burford is not an angry man, but having spent his entire life among apples, he cherishes some strong opinions about this quintessentially American fruit. Like people, he says, some apples serve us better than others, and some...


The Real Drunk History

When I was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant last year, I thought that my days spent talking to friends from the seat of a barstool were over, until I gave hard cider a second chance.


The Real Drunk History

Being gluten-free might not be as shameful as having a micro-penis or a father who is the BTK killer, but it’s close. It automatically excludes you from important things like pizza, sandwiches, and beer. When I was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant last...