• 3.1.17

      The Welsh Were the Original Nose-to-Tail Eaters

      The Welsh have been eating from a nose-to-tail standpoint since year dot. Finances dictated that they had to, it was as simple as that. One beast had to last you most of the week.

    • 11.20.15

      Blood Custard Tastes Better Than It Sounds

      Glasgow chef Craig Grozier is the proud mastermind behind hare blood custard: a dish channelling Scottish produce and traditional cooking techniques. “With Scottish ingredients, just get quality produce and cook it simply,” he explains.

    • 9.17.15

      This Chef Is Serving Hares in Jugs

      Standing in the kitchen of London game emporium The Jugged Hare, chef Steve Englefield opens a bag containing a skinned hare and a teacup’s worth of blood.

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