Harry Griffin


Yale Art Grads Photo Exhibit Captures the Complexities of a Country

Ten photographers challenge Trump's portrait of America.


'Family Picnic,' a Short Story by Robert Coover

A family takes a picnic in their new smart car. They are attacked by helicopters and have other troubles.


Mossless in America: Eva O'Leary and Harry Griffin

Eva and Harry are photographers who work together. Last year they funded a project titled 'Devil's Den' using Kickstarter. For the project, they photographed re-enactors, spectators, and the whole scene altogether at the 150th Anniversary of the battle...


Harry Griffin's Unconventional Conventions

We spoke to the Brooklyn-based photographer about "Strange Amusements," the photo portfolio from the current issue of VICE. We couldn't fit all the great pictures into...


Strange Amusements

Photos from the 2013 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Convention.