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Harvey Weinstein Is Reportedly Treating Rehab Like a Joke

The disgraced mogul is allegedly dozing off and taking calls during group therapy sessions, and insisting "all the encounters were consensual."
Drew Schwartz
hurricane harvey

This Texas town says you can’t apply for Harvey aid if you boycott Israel

Contractors and residents in Dickinson, Texas looking for government funding to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey must meet an unusual requirement: they’re not allowed to boycott Israel.
Noah Kulwin
Year 2050

New Orleans Has to Work Fast to Avoid Washing Away by 2050

As climate change brings more and more extreme rainfall to the Gulf Coast, will the city take the necessary steps to protect itself from massive storms?
Mike Pearl
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The most powerful U.S. weather satellite can see inside hurricanes

NOAA’s new satellite is helping scientists predict hurricanes and forest fires — all at once.
Arielle Duhaime-Ross

What Happens to Prison Inmates Caught in Hurricanes?

Texas prisoners say they went days without running water after Harvey.
Michael Patrick Welch

My Day Delivering Hurricane Supplies with the 'Cajun Airlift'

Recovery is going to take a long time.
Victoria Coy

America's Flood Insurance Program Is Utterly Broken, Again

Damage from Harvey and Irma is threatening to bankrupt the federal program.
Mark Hay
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Houston is bringing in other towns' garbage fleets after Harvey

VICE News spent the day with the City of San Antonio’s solid waste management department as they were deployed to the neighborhood of Kingwood to clear the streets.
Billie Brownstein
Can't Handle the Truth

Rush Limbaugh's Terrible, Shameful Weatherman Impression

Let's hope you didn't get your disaster preparedness tips from the king of jabbering for hours about how dumb liberals are.
Mike Pearl
hurricane irma

Irma has reduced multiple Caribbean islands to rubble

Gabriel Connelly

Irma and Harvey are Putting Experimental New Forecasting Tech to the Test

NOAA is using supercomputers to test a hurricane forecasting algorithm that has been two decades in the making.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Why Houston had to flood itself again after Harvey

Inside Houston’s decision to flood itself again after Harvey
Roberto Ferdman