Behind the Scenes of VICE's New Documentary on Legalizing Weed in Lebanon

We talk to host and producer Rony Karkar about 'Lebanon's Green Gold: The Debate to Legalize Cannabis.'


A Tribute To All The Soccer Players Busted For Smoking Weed

From Chris Armstrong to Roberto Mancini, David Hillier to Lee Bowyer, there have been many footballers who have enjoyed a toke. Inevitably, some of them have been caught along the way.


Inside the Moroccan Cafe Where the Rolling Stones Got Stoned

Cafe Baba—a hole in the wall in Tangier where locals come to drink mint tea and smoke kief—is legendary not for what it serves but rather for who it's served.


Pissed-off Copenhagen residents just destroyed the city's 'hashish supermarket'

Residents of an enclave in the Danish capital were fed up with crime in an infamous area known as “pusher street.”


A Page on Hashish Prompts Russia to Block, Then Unblock Wikipedia

Russia continues its weird online war on drugs.


Police Seize Nearly Six Tons of Hashish in Major Drug Bust in France

Police arrested three suspects in the country's largest hash seizure since March 2011.


I Drank Cannabis Coffee with Seattle Baristas

I visited a self-described "lifestyle boutique" in Seattle to sample weed-infused bulletproof coffee, a beverage that baristas assured me would "offset caffeine with just a little bit of THC" to achieve a synergistic effect.


Billy Hayes Talks About Visiting Istanbul After Being the Most Hated Man in Turkey

The New Yorker became famous in the 70s for 'Midnight Express,' his autobiographical account of escaping from a decrepit Turkish prison after getting caught with two kilos of hash.


Lebanon's Well-Armed Cannabis Farmers Won't Let Islamist Militants Anywhere Near Their Crops

Lebanon's hashish farmers have regularly taken up arms against the country's military bent on destroying their crops. Now they pledge to fight any Islamist militants hoping to do the same.


It Takes Submarines, Hashish, and Volcanic Rocks to Make a Good Beer

Garage Project is a New Zealand company that pushes the envelope with every batch of beer—counting superheated volcanic rocks, submarines, and hashish made from hops among their brew-making toolkit.


Psychedelic Drugs, Art, Music, and Other Drugs: An Interview with Finn McKenna

I talked to Terence McKenna's son, Finn, about a wide range of topics including LSD, H.P. Lovecraft, London, visionary art, and "a revolutionary musical video game that will immerse players in a psychedelic experience."


Cannabis-Infused Bulletproof Coffee Would Make Balzac Proud

In the 1840s, a group of Parisian intellectuals used to gather to drink hashish-spiked coffee and fuel their creative minds. Why not update that little ritual by blending the biohacker's favorite drink—Bulletproof Coffee—with cannabutter?