Hurley from 'Lost' Builds an Unreal Haunted House in Hawaii Every Halloween

This year, Jorge Garcia conjured a demented carnival with killer clowns.
James Charisma

This Photographer Shoots 70-Foot Waves on His Surfboard

Derek Dunfee, a surfer and photographer, has never seen anyone else doing it.
Clara Mokri
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This Gecko Made 'a Bazillion' Prank Calls with His 'Tiny Gecko Feet'

And turned one woman's day into a bizarre horror movie in the process.
Drew Schwartz

Oh Good, Drones Have Flamethrowers Now

Just when you thought this hellscape couldn't get any worse.
Drew Schwartz
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US Government: Don't Roast Marshmallows Over Hawaii's Volcano, You Idiots

It looks like we have another Tide Pod situation on our hands.
Drew Schwartz
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Blue Flames Erupting from the Ground Are the Latest Addition to Hawaii's Hellscape

And if they come in contact with lava, they can trigger massive explosions.
Drew Schwartz
kilauea volcano

My Hometown Is Being Overtaken by Lava and It's a Beautiful Tragedy

"I've talked to people on the mainland who've said, 'How disgusting.' But we would never use those words. It's phenomenal. Everybody in the world wants to see this."
Kendra Tidwell

This Livestream of Hawaii's Volcanic Eruption Is Strangely Hypnotizing

Check out the dramatic seismic event from the safety of your desk.
Drew Schwartz
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Hawaii's Destructive Volcano Just Shattered a Man's Leg with Spattering Lava

Residents are being airlifted from their homes as the eruption grows even more catastrophic.
Drew Schwartz
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Hawaii Volcano Threatening to Shoot Ten-Ton Boulders into the Sky

Along with a cloud of volcanic ash that could travel up to 20 miles from the summit.
Drew Schwartz
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Deadly Lava from Hawaii's Volcano Is Still Swallowing Everything in Its Path

Cars, homes, and entire roads are disappearing under waves of molten rock.
Drew Schwartz
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This Footage from Hawaii's Volcano Eruption Is Unreal

Lava and vapor spewed from cracks in the roads near the Kilauea volcano after it blew on Thursday.
Drew Schwartz