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How I'm Honoring Hawaii's Plantation Workers Through My Food

I believe the future of what we do here in Hawaii will be great, because there are not too many places on Earth where you have farms, pristine oceans, and such a diverse base of cultures in such a small radius.
Roy Yamaguchi
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Liholiho Yacht Club Looks Like a Hawaiian Restaurant, But Tastes Like San Francisco

"It’s as much of a Hawaiian restaurant as chicken curry katsu is a Hawaiian dish—which it really isn’t, but it’s very common in Hawaii. It asks the question of what is Hawaiian food, anyway? What is anything?"
Ravi Kapur
Hawaiian food

How to Say ‘Aloha’ and ‘Mahalo Nui’ With Food in San Francisco

Aloha means “doing things for people without expecting anything in return.” We are hoping to get this point across with our attitude and the ambiance of my restaurant, 'āina.
Jordan Keao
Hawaiian food

The History Behind Why Hawaiians Are Obsessed With Spam

Hawaii consumes 7 million cans of Spam a year and there are only 1.42 million of us currently living in the islands—let that sink in a little bit. Nonetheless, Spam is both a blessing and a curse to Hawaiian cuisine.
Mark “Gooch” Noguchi

This Hawaiian Chef Wants to Honor His Roots Through Food

The Hawaiian pre-contact food movement strives to showcase the flavors and ingredients of the islands before it was met by the West. We talked to the chef who spearheaded it.
Javier Cabral

How Hawaii’s Culinary Revolution Conquered the Luau

From faux regional cocktails to lackluster takes on island cuisine, the luau has served as a sort of stationary Disneyland ride for tourists—but a few Hawaiian chefs are trying to change that.
Hillary Eaton