The Tragic Story of the British Student Who Died During an Initiation Ritual

Ed Farmer's untimely death after a pub crawl is not the first time a student has died after some kind of college induction.
Kevin EG Perry

How Hazing Escalates to Sexual Assault

An alleged sexual assault with a broomstick at St. Michael’s College School in Toronto has raised concerns about the prevalence of hazing.
Manisha Krishnan
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'She's Not a Pimp': Georgia Sorority Embroiled in Bizarre Investigation

A former Fort Valley State University employee and graduate Alpha Kappa Alpha member is at the center of a sprawling probe of sexual misconduct.
Lauren Messman
sexual assault

Customs Agents Accused of Ritualized Sexual Assault on 'Rape Table' at Airport

Three Newark Airport employees say that assailants play the "Jackass" theme song during assaults, and that the abuse has been happening for years.
Diana Tourjée
sexual assault

New Report Exposes How Schools Dismiss Rape as 'Hazing' or 'Bullying'

In an expansive investigation on student sexual assault, the Associated Press discovered about 17,000 official reports of sexual violence by students in grades K-12 over a recent four-year period.
Kimberly Lawson
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Eight Frat Boys Charged with Manslaughter After Hazing Death

The charges come after a 19-year-old Penn State pledge drunkenly fell down the stairs and paramedics weren’t contacted.
Mack Lamoureux
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An Ivy League A Capella Group Got Booted for Hazing with Icy Hot

Pledges also had to "race up and down a street and then consume foods," according to the school's report.
Drew Schwartz

Frat Bros Smear Peanut Butter on Student with Deadly Nut Allergy in Hazing Ritual

Great to see that in a world of uncertainty, the hazing antics of America's fraternities remain dependably offensive and cruel.
Gigen Mammoser
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My Culinary School Education Was Filled with Hazing and Anarchy

What happens when you put a bunch of culinary students together under one roof and give them a whole bunch of rules to live by? Pure anarchy and teachers who end up in the fetal position.

Why MLB's New Hazing Policy Is a Sign of Respect, Not Political Correctness Gone Amok

The costumes used in rookie hazing were often offensive caricatures of what men idealize in women, and especially made a mockery of transgender women.
Katelyn Burns

Why MLB's Attempt to Curb Hazing Is Misguided

Former major leaguer Dirk Hayhurst explains why MLB's new rule to stop veterans from dressing rookies up as women won't do anything to promote understanding.
Dirk Hayhurst
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MLB to Ban Practice of Hazing Rookies by Dressing Them Up as Women

Under the terms of the new CBA, offensive costumes including those based on race, sex, and nationality among others will be banned.
Joseph Flynn