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Rainbow Kitten Surprise's coming out story, "Hide," follows four New Orleans drag queens and gives a voice to marginalized LGBTQ communities in the South.


How a Trans Student Brought Bathroom Equality to His School

After months of activism, Vinnie Holt of Charlotte, North Carolina, successfully persuaded his school to create strong, trans-affirmative bathroom policies.


NBA Officially Capitulates to North Carolina's Bogus HB2 Repeal

Charlotte will host the 2019 NBA All-Star Game despite nobody's satisfaction with North Carolina's half-assed HB2 repeal.


NCAA President on Returning to North Carolina After HB2: State Did "Absolute Minimum"

Mark Emmert "wound up convinced the governor got as good a deal as they were going to get passed in that legislature."


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NBA Becomes Latest Organization to Capitulate to North Carolina's Bogus HB2 Repeal

After moving the All-Star Game out of Charlotte because of the state's hateful HB2 legislation, the NBA is lifting the ban.


NCAA Caves on North Carolina's HB2 Repeal

The NCAA is going to lift its ban on holding events in North Carolina after the state repealed and replaced the controversial HB2.


The NCAA won’t punish North Carolina for LGBTQ discrimination after all

North Carolina can discriminate against LGBTQ Americans and still host a championship sports game, as it turns out.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hawaii judge extends block on Trump's travel ban, truck bomb kills 15 in Baghdad, North Carolina moves to repeal bathroom bill, and more.


North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Could Cost the State More Than $3 Billion

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