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Fighting Words

Conor McGregor Wasn't Fatigued; He Was at Risk of Brain Damage

Dizziness and loss of balance is one of the hallmarks of mild traumatic brain injury.
Darragh O’Carroll, MD

A Quick Note on Jerry Jones's Opinion Regarding Head Trauma

We can all learn something from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, but not for the reason he thinks.
Aaron Gordon

Forget the NFL, Let's Tax Sports Tickets to Fund Concussion Research

With over a million high school kids playing football every year, concussions are a public health issue. So why not use tax dollars to research it?
Aaron Gordon

CDC Study Finds Retired NFL Players No More Likely to Commit Suicide Than General US Population, Which Commits Suicide A lot

12 of the 3,439 players studied committed suicide, less than half that of the U.S. population.
Aaron Gordon
sports science

Are the Promises of Concussion Blood Tests Getting Ahead of the Science?

It's not clear blood tests are a solution to the problems with concussion tests, but that isn't stopping companies standing to profit from saying otherwise.
Aaron Gordon
vice sports q&a

VICE Sports Q&A: "Concussion" Doctor Bennet Omalu

Neuropathologist Bennet Omalu's discovery of the brain disease CTE in former NFL star Mike Webster—and the league's efforts discredit him—are the real-life inspiration for the Hollywood drama "Concussion."
Patrick Hruby

The NHL and NFL Concussion Spotters Are PR Ploys

If they're only going to be used a few times a season, why are they there at all?
Aaron Gordon

Can Hockey Be Saved? The Latest on the Concussion Lawsuit

While the NFL has battled the concussion issue for years, the NHL is just beginning to realize the consequences.
Joshua Kloke

The NFL Should Combat Concussions with Cannabis

An open letter to National Football League Commissioner Roger S. Goodell.
Lester Grinspoon