megg mogg and owl

'Headache,' Today's Comic by Simon Hanselmann

Megg's got a headache, Owl's never had one, and Werewolf Jones is littering the apartment with dirty needles.
Simon Hanselmann

Why Do Hangovers Start Hurting Way Worse in Our 20s?

A scientific explanation of why three wines is suddenly enough to ruin your life.
Matilda Whitworth
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Guy's Headache Turned Out to be a Deadly Worm Lodged in His Brain

If the doctors had waited another 30 minutes to perform emergency surgery, he probably would've died.
Michael Cuby

Wind Farm Syndrome Is the Fake Illness That Science Can't Kill

The Australian Medical Research Council is launching its third inquiry into whether wind farms cause illnesses. But is this just a excuse to slander renewable energy?
Julian Morgans

I Have the Worst Headache in the World

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and feeling a drill in your eye and feeling like somebody has pierced a hot metal rod through your neck and rammed it up into your brain. This is not a metaphor. This is what a cluster headache feels like.
Towanda Rules

We Asked Someone What It Feels Like to Be Struck By Lightning

After a freak thunderstorm storm in Los Angeles last weekend, 13 people were struck by bolts of lightning. We wanted to know what it felt like. Does your hair stand straight up? Does lightning burn?
Arielle Pardes

Soju Is Responsible for South Koreans Passing Out in the Streets

South Korea is the world's leading country in heavy spirits consumption. And soju—the country's unofficial national spirit—is the world's best-selling liquor. Maybe that's why there's so many people sleeping it off in the streets.
Tae Yoon