Health and Human Services


Thousands of migrant children in federal custody have been allegedly sexually abused, HHS documents show

In total, there have been 4,556 reports of sexual abuse since 2014, according to the documents.


A mother was given back the wrong baby after it was taken from her at the border

"I do not believe separation of children from their parents is in the best interest of the child," one Trump official said. a


Her toddler died after getting sick in ICE custody. Now she's suing for $60 million.

After a week in ICE detention, 1-year-old Mariee developed a respiratory infection that ultimately killed her.


How the Trump administration could make trans people invisible under the law

The document encourages federal agencies to adopt a rigid, outdated definition of “gender,” dictated “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”


The U.S. is still holding “about 100” kids under 5 who were taken from parents at border

The U.S. is holding nearly 3,000 children separated from their families at the border since May.


The Trump administration keeps deleting information about LGBTQ people from its websites

The administration has removed at least four in-depth mentions of LGBT issues from government websites.


Pro-Choice Activists Scored a Huge Victory After Failed Senate Abortion Vote

The Senate has voted down a bill aimed at banning abortions after 20 weeks.


Doctors Who Oppose Abortion and LGBT Rights Get New Government Protections

This morning, the Trump administration announced a new "civil rights" division tasked with protecting doctors who have religious objections to helping certain patients.


Why the #Fight4BirthControl Against Employers Opting out of Contraceptive Coverage Will Continue Well Into 2018

It’s not too late to let the federal government know you’re against the new interim final rules. Advocates are currently collecting comments from the public until midnight on December 5.


Join the #Fight4BirthControl to Protect Basic Health Care Now

Planned Parenthood just launched the biggest birth control campaign ever in response to unprecedented attacks to take basic coverage away.


The US Government Now Says Life Begins at Conception [Updated]

The move from health officials provides new ammo for attacks on birth control and abortion.