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Criminalization Makes It Harder to Study Ayahuasca, Scientists Say

It's an impediment to medical research on ayahuasca's potential to treat mental health disorders.
Victoria Chan

What It's Like Helping Strangers Through Abortions in Rural Canada

As an abortion doula serving rural areas in Canada where reproductive options are limited, I know it’s not easy getting people the healthcare they need.
Shannon Hardy
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Banned Pesticides Keep Turning Up in Canada’s Medical Weed

So what happens when it’s legalized?
Katie Toth

Gay Men in Canada Still Face Discrimination When It Comes to Organ Donation

Men who have sex with men face extra scrutiny due to Health Canada policies.
Lisa Power

Canada Is Making It Easier for Addicts to Inject Drugs Safely

The Canadian government announced Monday that it plans to ease the restrictions on setting up supervised-injection sites imminently. Until then, things don't look good on the ground level.
Jake Kivanc
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Canada Admits That It Knows Very Little About W-18, the Drug It Just Banned

The announcement comes in the midst of a public health crisis around fentanyl in Canada, with hundreds of reported overdoses throughout the country in the last few years
Davide Mastracci

A Canadian Weed Company Just Became the First to Legally Export Medical Cannabis to Europe

Big Weed in Canada is taking another step towards global domination as one of the country's largest medical marijuana producers just shipped some of its products to Croatia.
Rachel Browne
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Canada's Ban on Ultra-Potent Drug W-18 Could Make Things Worse

Canada's health department announced the ban on Wednesday. But experts are questioning the science behind the government's claims that W-18 is 100 times more powerful than the deadly opioid fentanyl.
Rachel Browne

Why Health Canada’s Move to Sell ‘Irradiated Beef’ Is a Great Idea

Astronauts eat irradiated beef. Why shouldn’t the rest of us?
Kate Lunau
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Alberta Cops Report First Death Related to W-18 — The Drug 100 Times More Powerful Than Fentanyl

Testing confirmed the Calgary man also had heroin and 3-methyl fentanyl, which is 10 to 15 times stronger than heroin, in his system. It's unclear exactly which drug was the direct cause of his death.
Rachel Browne

Doctors in Canada Will Probably Be Able to Prescribe Heroin Soon

As Canada struggles with rising overdose deaths, its federal health agency has proposed making heroin a legitimate treatment option for severe opiate addiction.
Tamara Khandaker

Canada Is Running Out of Anti-Syphilis Drugs

A national rise in STI rates is partially to blame.
Jake Kivanc