health care

health care

Biden Slams Medicare for All as He Releases Plan to Expand Obamacare

What the plan doesn’t contain is as important as what it does for the purposes of Democratic primary politics.
Cameron Joseph
Abortion Rights

Blue States Are Finally Worried About Abortion — And They're Doing Something About It

While conservative legislators have spent the year passing abortion restrictions, progressive legislators are moving to protect the right.
Carter Sherman
reproductive health

The Trump Administration Is Coming For Your Birth Control

Reproductive health advocates are already sounding the alarm over new rules finalized Thursday
Carter Sherman
Transgender rights

Trump plans to take health care protections away from trans patients

The new policies are expected within 10 days
Carter Sherman
health care

Bernie's latest Medicare for All bill has a key difference from his last one

The legislation was co-signed by four other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.
Rex Santus

The White House is giving all kinds of mixed signals about Obamacare

They've changed the plan several times in the past week
Emma Ockerman
health care

Trump says the GOP will definitely be the "party of health care" — just not until 2021

President Trump is backing down on health care again.
Emma Ockerman
health care

Trump's new plan to kill Obamacare is dubious. There is a chance it could work.

The administration is backing a lawsuit that could dismantle the ACA.
Emma Ockerman
health care

The 'Dwarf Fortress' Creators Weren't in It For Money, But Now They Need It

For 12 years, 'Dwarf Fortress' has been a free video game. It's finally coming to Steam, but only after rising health care costs forced their hand.
Patrick Klepek

10,000 NYC nurses are about to go on strike over understaffing

Nurses at New York City’s three largest hospital systems are prepared to walk out if no deal is reached by April 2
Rex Santus

Trump's plan to slash Medicaid could leave millions sick and in debt. Just ask Texas.

Many in Texas' Rio Grande Valley are poor and sick but still don't qualify for Medicaid.
Emma Ockerman
Disability Rights

Disabled Activists Should Not Have to Die to Have Our Voices Heard

Carrie Ann Lucas's recent insurance-related death has brought new eyes to her work as a prominent activist—and is yet another instance of disability rights only gaining mainstream attention after one of us dies.
s.e. smith