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Kombucha Is Just as Bad for You as Soda, According to Dentists

Trouble in paradise for our favorite fizzy mold tea.


Wellness Brands Are Trying to Convince Americans to Eat Chickpeas for Dessert

“I didn't think I wanted Thin Mint-flavored chickpeas. But then I ate the whole bag.”


Baby Names Resemble Salad Ingredients Now

Kale, Kiwi, Saffron, and Maple were each used as baby names at least 30 percent more in 2018.


Hershey's Plans to Start Selling Dried Meat Bars

What’s a 122-year-old chocolate conglomerate to do when it finds itself on the wrong side of swelling public opinion? How does a blueberry barbecue beef protein bar sound?


How This Restaurateur Lost More Than 100 Pounds and Devoted Himself to Health Food

Sarkis Vartanian, the owner of the Daily Dose cafe in LA, lives by a simple credo: "You shouldn't feed people shit."


This Vegan Hemp Powder Was Recalled Because It Can Get Kids High

Berlin-based health food company Veganz is finding out the hard way that young children do not have the same tolerance for THC as buzz-seeking grownups.


Whole Foods Is Going to Stop Selling Food Made By US Prisoners

After protests broke out at one of its Texas stores, Whole Foods is taking the offending products—goat cheese and tilapia—off its shelves by April 2016 or sooner.


Target May Be Removing the Junk Food from Its Checkout Stands

Instead of Milky Ways and obscure flavors of gum, you could be falling victim to last-minute purchases of KIND bars and other "healthy" snacks.


Consumers Want Their Food Packaging to Be Sexist

Buyers don't want packaged food that conflicts with their preconceived notions that junk food is manly and health food is girly, a new study shows.


Apparently We Should All Be Drinking Pond Scum

A food company has developed a high protein, amino acid-packed powder using lemnoideae, a plant that grows on almost any water supply and doubles in size every 16 to 32 hours. (Also known as pond scum).


'Fitness Foods' Could Actually Be Making You Fatter

Just in case you're still operating under the delusion that you can eat—and only eat—your way to health, take this as a gentle reminder that you're dead wrong. "Fitness" food might actually make you fatter.


Peruvian Soul Food Is Made with Natural Viagra

Maca, the radish-like root vegetable used in traditional Peruvian cooking, has joined teff and freekeh as another grainy “superfood.” High in nutrients, some Peruvian chefs say the powder can also boost sexual function.