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Is Obesity a Psychological or Physical Problem?

How does someone become morbidly obese? Are people genetically predisposed to it, or is it a case of nurture over nature?


You Probably Have No Clue How Much Food You're Burning Off at the Gym

A new study shows that basically, we don’t know sh*t about nutrition and aren’t able to estimate calorie consumption compared to calorie expenditure.


This Company Creates Custom Sex Toys for Disabled Veterans

What does a soldier do when he's sent home from combat, still young and lascivious, but no longer able to feel his dick? He buys a sex toy from Tom Stewart, the owner of Sportsheets.


Why Don't We Have a Female Version of Viagra Yet?

Women who want to increase their low libidos have to take pills designed to give men erections. Is there a better way?


We Caught Up with the Guy Who Has Survived on Pizza Alone for the Last 25 Years

A few months ago, we ran a story about a guy who has managed to survive on pizza alone for the past 25 years. It's confounding that he's not dead. We checked back in with him in the aftermath of his internet fame to see how life has changed for him.


Calorie-Counting Machines Are Pure Evil

GE has developed a device that can analyze the calorie count of your dinner. Good for science—but we're already in a bloody mess with our diets, and we don’t need anything else that turns food into a mathematical equation.


Senegal's Sea Widows Are Well on Their Way to Financial Independence

In the last decade, thousands of young migrants have left Senegal on rickety fishing boats hoping to find work in Europe. Many have died at sea, leaving behind a new class of women: the “sea widows,” as a local newspaper called them.


These Beans Will Dilate Your Pupils

If you live in proximity to an old-school deli or a grocery store that hasn’t rotated its stock since the Carter administration, you might’ve heard of lupini beans, a tough legume that’s snacked like bar nuts with beer. Besides their deliciousness...


We Talked to Kids on London's Controversial Fast Food Mile

Kids are getting fat. This is an indisputable fact. I went down to West Green Road—London's "fast food mile”—to talk to the mass exodus of grease-craving school children who waddle directly from the gates and into the nearest food shops.


Stop Freaking Out and Eat Some Damn Gluten

Food intolerances are miserable as hell. But even though figures might suggest they're increasing, we probably need to stop worrying that gluten is bad for us (read: make us fat) and get on with our lives.


I'll Never See Food the Same Way After Living On MSG For a Week

I decided to incorporate MSG into everything I ate for a week. It wasn't all bad, but I felt like shit.