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Horrifying New Podcast 'Dr. Death' Tells the True Story of a Killer Surgeon

The six-episode series examines what happens when our healthcare system fails to "do no harm."
Lauren Messman

How One Industry Gives Healthcare to Its Hard-to-Reach Migrant Workers

Very quietly, Oregon wineries have dealt with the twin hot-button issues of immigration and healthcare.
Emily Gillespie
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

America's Young Doctors Are Embracing Universal Healthcare

Unlike their older counterparts, today's physicians are looking to single-payer solutions.
VICE Staff
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Bernie's 'Medicare for All' Might Cost $32.6 Trillion and That's Fine

An analysis that emphasized the hefty price tag also revealed how it would cut healthcare costs while providing insurance to millions.
Harry Cheadle
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The Russia Scandal Might Help Trump Get Reelected

If his opponents focus too much on theories of collusion and "kompromat," they'll risk glossing over the real failings of his presidency.
Harry Cheadle

Breaking: Congress Continues to Do Pretty Much Nothing

Bipartisanship is dead, unless you count bills that help the banking industry.
Mark Hay
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The More People Vote, the More Progressives Win

No wonder Republicans are so desperate to depress turnout.
Sean McElwee
Colin McAuliffe
Privacy and Perception Issue

As a Sex Worker With a Chronic Illness, FOSTA Means Losing My Medical Care

In a nation lacking universal healthcare, recent legislation effectively cut a thread by which many disabled people climbed out of poverty.
Zia Moon
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Sick People Want Government Healthcare, but They're Not Voting

New evidence shows that "health bias" among voters is real, and it's helping to block progressive priorities.
Sean McElwee

Veterans Are Worried Trump Is Poised to Dismantle the VA for Good

“Just about everybody in the veterans advocacy community is freaking out.”
Mark Hay

Gender Affirming Surgery Can Be Expensive When You’re Non-Binary

In Canada, it's hard to get top surgery covered by insurance if you don't identify as male or female.
Laura Sciarpelletti

Congress Managed to Do Real Damage to Children's Health Insurance

After months of inaction, lawmakers reauthorized the popular Children's Health Insurance Program, but not before seriously harming it.
Mark Hay