Sally Yates Fought Off a GOP Roast During the Russia Hearing

Republican Senators tried to make former acting Attorney General Sally Yates squirm, but Yates arrived ready for battle.


Rick Perry Doesn’t Really Understand the Department of Energy He’s About to Run

Perry admitted to not understanding the details of nuclear waste at Thursday's hearing.


Trump’s Interior Pick Wants to Save Our Public Lands by Drilling On Them

Conservationists are worried about Rep. Ryan Zinke's plan to drill and mine on federal lands.


I Went to Costa Rica to Watch Two Kids Hear for the First Time

Chris Nieratko and a traveling band of skateboarders went to Costa Rica to meet up with the Let Them Hear Foundation and document two deaf children as they received surgeries that would allow them to hear for the first time.


Hanging Out with America's Elite, Underappreciated Court Reporters

Stenography is a potentially lucrative, female-dominated profession that appears to be disappearing—and no one seems to care.


My Hearing Loss Felt Normal, Until I Tried to Fix It

I've been half-deaf my whole life. But when I finally heard sound with a hearing aid, my hearing loss started to frustrate me more than it ever had before.


The Greek Military Is Laying Off HIV-Positive Soldiers

The European Constitution forbids this kind of discrimination, but it's taken Christos years of fighting in the Greek courts to get even close to a legal ruling that says his dismissal was illegal.


Australia Is Taking Japan to Court to Stop Whaling

It's Australia versus Japan in an upcoming hearing at the United Nations to cease whaling in the Southern Ocean.