heat waves


Water Shortages, Murder, and Chaos: The Grim Future of Heat Waves

Climate change means a hotter—and more violent—planet.


Climate Change May Practically Sterilize Male Insects

Male reproductive damage under heat wave conditions could be contributing to biodiversity declines in the Anthropocene.


Here Are 27 Ways Heat Waves Can Kill You

Climate change is making heat waves worse.


The Asphalt Is Melting

The world's already hot enough to melt asphalt. But it's about to get worse.


Extreme Weather Wiped Out a Tenth of the World's Cereal Production

New research reveals that drought and heat waves can have severe impacts on cereal production, while floods and cold spells don't — and rich countries, not developing ones may be the most impacted.


Get Used To Blackouts and Higher Electric Bills As the Climate Changes

International attention has largely focused on how climate change is caused by power plant emissions but new research quantifies the likely impacts droughts and heat waves will have on power plant capacity around the world.


Persian Gulf Nations Might Be Screwed No Matter What the World Does About Climate Change

Their economies depend upon oil and gas exports and rising temperatures threaten to cut into economic productivity — but with year-round sun, they could become big renewable producers.


In Photos: Deadly Heat Waves Scorch Europe, the Middle East, and Asia

Around the world, high temperatures have killed dozens, sent thousands to the hospital, and led to angry protests calling for stable electricity supplies.


The Heat Wave Wave

This year has seen some of the hottest days and deadliest heat waves on record—welcome to the new normal.


Climate Change Could Be the Greatest Threat to Human Health

A new report, published in a leading British medical journal, says climate change could set back advances in public health by 50 years — but addressing it could be the greatest opportunity to improve human health worldwide.


We're Heading Into 'Completely Uncharted Waters,' Say Scientists in Earth Day Statement

Seventeen leading scientists present an outline for a successful international climate change agreement, including leaving at least three-quarters of the world's fossil fuel reserves in the ground.


Global Warming Is Making Our Food Taste Terrible

A team of Australian climate scientists is warning that by the middle of the century, the effects of climate change will alter a range of foods from almonds to zucchini, changing their flavor, texture, and productivity levels.