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McGregor In Reverse: Boxer Heather Hardy Ready for MMA Debut

After building a 20-0 as a boxer, Brooklyn mainstay Heather Hardy is ready to make her MMA debut at Bellator 180 on Saturday.


All That’s Happened Between Boxing and MMA This Week

From Deontay Wilder calling out Brock Lesnar to Heather Hardy confirming her opponent in her MMA debut, a lot has happened this week between the two worlds of fighting.


Is Heather Hardy’s Move to MMA the Beginning of the End for Boxing in NY?

New regulations in New York have forced one of women’s boxing’s biggest stars into the cage.


Heather Hardy Doesn't Back Down from Any Fight

Heather Hardy is the women's super bantamweight champion, and a daughter of one of Brooklyn's most insular neighborhoods. In every way, she's a fighter.