'Going to Heaven,' Today's Comic by Alex Graham

After dying and going to the afterlife, a man has a hard time making a heavenly wish.


Dilly Dally Almost Died

The Toronto band nearly broke up after their breakout ‘Sore.’ Out of the ashes comes their new album ‘Heaven,’ the group's most dynamic work yet.


The Blaze Will Be the Best Electronic Duo to Ever Do It

"It" being make both their own visuals and tracks so deftly capture the transcendence and togetherness of electronic music.


People Obsessed With Wellness Can't Accept That We're All Gonna Die

“Wellness is a 21st-century secular belief system that, psychologically speaking, is fundamentally directed at avoiding death anxiety.”


'I Miss God So Much'

VICE.com's most memorable lines from the week of September 25, presented with zero context.


The Unsung History of Circuit Parties, Where Gay Men Seek Sex and Freedom

How hedonistic marathon raves became a unique LGBTQ tradition.


'Sympathy for My Enemies Featuring Woke Dad,' Today's Comic by Derek Ballard

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If you're in the midst of the hangover from Hell, we can help. This is the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich from Eggslut, and you probably have everything you need to make it.


Remembering "Heaven" by DJ Sammy, the Soundtrack to Every Forgotten Holiday Romance

The story of a Eurodance smasher—from lost love and Hungarian porn stars to weird 9/11 tributes.


Alpines Announce Sophomore LP 'Another River' and Drop Lead Single "Heaven" Here

It's a case of less is more for the London duo's new LP—which is perfectly exemplified by the minimalist cool of new track "Heaven."


Gay Nightlife Is Dying and Grindr and Gentrification Are to Blame

As the legendary venues and parties that defined gay nightlife in the 1990s and 2000s die out, what are promoters doing to keep the party moving?