A National Park Is Airlifting Hundreds of Mountain Goats That Have Gone Crazy for Human Pee

Mountain goats in Olympic National Park are obsessed with human urine and are now a public nuisance.


So Will Smith Actually Bungee Jumped into the Grand Canyon

The guy celebrated his 50th birthday by hurling his middle-aged body into the abyss.


Canadian Man Dies in 'Amateur-Built' Helicopter Crash

The DIY aircraft crashed in Alberta, killing the pilot.


A Notorious French Gangster Has Broken Out of Prison in a Chopper

A second successful escape by Redoine Faid.


This Guy Pretended to Be an Army General with a Chopper for a Date, Feds Say

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'Black Metal Musicians Lost in the Woods,' Today's Comic by Pedro D'Apremont

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Venezuela's rogue helicopter attacker posted his plan to Instagram

No one was injured during the attack, which witnesses say lasted around two hours.


The National Guard Thought This Awkward Sex Tape Was a Good Example of Spy Gear

“She’s going up and down on him.”


A Painted Vietnam Helicopter Is Providing PTSD Therapy for Veterans

Steve Maloney turned a "Huey" helicopter into a traveling art installation aiding veterans.


A Russian helicopter was shot down in Syria, killing 5

Russia said the five passengers on board the aircraft are dead, marking the most deaths at once for Russian forces in Syria since the air campaign began last year.