Henrique Capriles Radonski

    • 9.4.14

      Saintly Hugo Chavez Replaces God in Socialist Lord's Prayer

      The deceased Venezuelan leader is venerated as a saintly father who even, it is claimed, makes regular spiritual visitations to his presidential successor.

    • 3.13.14

      Venezuela Rising

      On March 8, thousands gathered in the center of Caracas yet again to protest the food shortages in Venezuela, which they hold the government responsible for.

    • 4.15.13

      Moustaches for Maduro: Venezuela Elects Chavez’s Successor

      Outside the Miraflores presidential palace late on Sunday night, Roman Schuello, 59, stood among the partying red-clad government supporters and sold them fake moustaches that looked like Nicolás Maduro’s. Hours earlier Maduro won Venezuela’s...