Henry Rollins


Henry Rollins/Glenn Danzig Fan Fiction Made Me Believe in Love Again

What goes into making a comic about two punk gods in love? And what did those punk gods think of it? We investigate.
Giaco Furino

Photos That Prove Punk Didn't Die in the 80s

'Still Screaming' is a traveling photography exhibition showing rare and unseen images of seminal punk bands from the late 80s onward.
Mark Beemer
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Alan Vega of Suicide Dies at 78

The protopunk legend passed peacefully in his sleep.
Britt Julious

Jim Saah Learned How to Use His Camera During the Height of DC Hardcore

I spoke to him about all his amazing photos of your favorite hardcore bands.
Oliver Lunn
Neither Big nor Easy

Dee Slut Is Not Mad at Henry Rollins

Legendary New Orleans punk rocker Dave Turgeon (a.k.a. Dee Slut) should be Henry Rollins's nemesis, after they both tried out to be the lead singer of Black Flag in 1981. On the occasion of a vinyl re-release from his band the Sluts, Turgeon discussed...
Michael Patrick Welch
The Grievous Sins Issue

Can I Get in the Van?

It dawned on me: Black Flag did not have a bass player. I decided right then and there to find out where Greg Ginn was living, hitchhike across the country, and persuade him to let me try out—just as I had attempted to do when I was 16.
Erick Lyle

The Family Man Responds

You really want to take my children into the street? Go ahead, my wife needs some peace and I work nights all this week. Good luck with that, though. I seriously think you have no fucking idea what you're getting yourself into. First off my daughter is...
John Sharkey III

Big Surprise - Henry Rollins Can Reform Health Care, Man!

I realize that the Henry Rollins I see on my television is not the same person I pictured the first time I heard Damaged as a kid. And he shouldn't be. That Henry—immortalized for punching a mirror—was a lot younger, angrier, and less politically aware...
Anthony Pappalardo