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'Telling Lies' Makes the Pursuit of Truth a Powerful Illusion

The developer of 'Her Story' is back with another mystery that'll have you getting out the corkboard and string.
Cameron Kunzelman
Her Story

'#WarGames,' the Interactive Reimagining of the Iconic Nuclear Thriller, Is Mostly a Gimmick

Sam Barlow's part game, part television show adds up to something I don't want to watch or play.
Matthew Gault
Her Story

The Next Game From 'Her Story' Developer Is A Political Thriller

It sounds like the game is a ways off, but given how good 'Her Story' was, designer Sam Barlow should take his time.
Patrick Klepek

Can Queer Streaming Services Take on Juggernauts Like Netflix?

Services like REVRY and Dekkoo aim to bring diverse queer content together on one platform. But are their good intentions enough to survive?
Hannah Harris Green
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More Than Fuzzy Nostalgia, FMV Games Still Matter Today

‘Her Story’ did wonders for reviving a seemingly dead gaming genre—and since then, many more developers have been having fun with real actors.
Mike Diver

What's Next for Transgender Media After 'Transparent'?

How shows from the Wachowskis' Sense8 to the Emmy-winning Her Story are propelling trans narratives beyond transition.
Mari Brighe

These Are the Best Video Games You Can Finish in an Afternoon

You're bumming about the house, with time to kill. So kill it by starting, and finishing, a great game in a single sitting.
Mike Diver

'Her Story' Radically Changes the Game for Transgender Love Stories on Film

A new series from filmmakers Jen Richards and Laura Zak focuses on its trans protagonist's lived experience rather than relegating her to the sidelines.
Diana Tourjée
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The Best 20 Video Games of 2015

VICE Gaming contributors have voted, and their clear favorite rhymes with "Betel Bear Bolid."
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Listen to the VICE Gaming Podcast's Best Games of 2015 Special

Emily Gera and Steve Burns join VICE Gaming's Mike Diver to chat about 'Her Story,' 'Metal Gear Solid V,' 'Undertale,' and more.
Mike Diver
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

These Are Some of the Best Indie Video Games of 2015

It's just one person's opinion, but all the same—make time for these games, they're all great.
Mike Diver
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The Best Video Games That Came Out of Britain This Year

Twelve brilliant British-made games from the past year and a bit, arranged into a pretend prize shortlist, exclusively because it's something to do.
Mike Diver