mental health

Everything You Should Know Before Trying St. John's Wort for Depression

Psychiatrists tells us the risks and benefits of the most popular alternative to antidepressants.
Meryl Davids Landau
tea time with t. kid

The Hosts of 'VICE Does America' Rip Dabs and Talk About the Show's Weed Episode

In advance of tonight's all-new episode of 'VICE Does America,' the show's hosts have a deep conversation about cannabis.
T. Kid

No One Really Knows What’s in Israel’s Most Popular New Liquor

Tel Aviv is hooked on Tubi 60: a cloudy liquor originating from the northern city of Haifa. Despite being widely sold in bars and spawning its own appreciation group, nobody really knows what ingredients it contains.
Emilee Tombs

Rosemary Could Be the Reason These Italian Villagers Live for So Long

New research from the University of California aims to find out why so many Acciaroli residents live to be 100. It could be down to their rosemary-infused diet.
Phoebe Hurst

Weed Is About to Be Decriminalized in Our Nation's Capital

Debates about drug legalization tend to take place in exotic places like Uruguay and the state of Colorado. Now that it's reached into their own backyard, members of Congress are freaking out.
Matt Taylor
New music

Listen to Druture's Grime Remix of Lil' Bibby and Lil' Herb's "Kill Shit"

Druture combines Drill and Grime sounds into the hardest sociological manifesto you'll hear in a club this year.
Ezra Marcus

High Country

There are fortunes to be made in the Silicon Valley of weed. In pt 1 of 'High Country,' Motherboard goes to Denver to check out next-gen, cannabis-extraction tech and size up weed crowdsourcing and the contradictory science of the plant.
Brian Anderson