No One Knows Exactly How Much Herbicide Is in Your Breakfast

A new lawsuit raises a lot of questions about what exactly is in the stuff we put in our faces every morning.


Germany's Most Popular Beers All Contain Weed Killer

Researchers from the Munich lab tested the country’s 14 most popular brews and found that all of them contained trace amounts of glyphosate, a Monsanto herbicide.


Four Decades of Herbicide Use Is Creating Zombie Weeds That Just Won't Die

The US Department of Agriculture has identified 14 species of glyphosate-resistant weeds in the United States, and 32 have been documented worldwide, according to a government-industry-university coalition.


Roundup Is the Most Used Herbicide in the US and It's 'Probably Carcinogenic'

The finding could set off a new round of studies into glyphosate, which is a leading ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup and has been found by many studies to be safe for human use.


Protesters Are Going to Hit the Streets This Weekend in Over 400 Cities to March Against Monsanto

The agrochemical behemoth's products have been linked to bee colony collapse and cancer in humans.


The Most Widely Used Herbicide in the United States Could Cause Cancer in Humans, Says a World Health Organization Study

Regulatory agencies around the world have declared glyphosate, first developed by Monsanto in 1969, safe for use in agricultural production — a group of scientists convened by the World Health Organization say otherwise.


Pesticides Are Causing Farmers to Become Suicidally Depressed

As if the dawn-to-dusk hours, the physical toll of work in the fields, the variability of the weather, and the incredibly low net pay weren't enough of a bummer for farmers, new research has linked pesticide use and depression.


This GMO Scientist Plays God with Your Corn

No matter what side of the line you stand on, GMOs are deeply rooted in the average American diet. To put a human face on genetic modification, we tracked down a biotechnologist who is currently working for an undisclosed biotech firm and spoke to him...


Everybody Slow Clap America Scrubbing Vietnam of Agent Orange

It only took 40 years. And yes, Washington still disputes Hanoi's claim that up to 4 million Vietnamese suffered contact with the defoliant, which was dumped en masse in a U.S. air campaign to scorch away the dense jungle cover under which guerilla...