We Spoke to 'Shazam!' Actor Zachary Levi About Finally Landing a Superhero Role

VICE had a chat with the actor about his DC movie and the state of fandom in 2019.
Noel Ransome

‘Captain Marvel’ Will Be a Success Because of Brie Larson

The actress has gone on the offensive against sexism in Hollywood—and the trolls—and the movie is better off for it.
Noel Ransome

We Asked a Hermit What to Eat When You Live in a Swamp Off the Grid

"I’ve learned a lot along the way. I have to have something to occupy my time, you know."
Simon Espholm
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Listen to Depeche Mode's Cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes"

Recorded to celebrate the song's 40th anniversary.
Alex Robert Ross
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This Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Is Helping Clean Up After Irma

Sister Margaret Ann is metal as hell.
Drew Schwartz
hurricane harvey

These Houston Bakers Are Too Busy Making Bread to Talk About Being Heroes

“We appreciate y’all spreading the positivity and all, but nobody can talk right now.”
Nick Rose
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This Speedo-Wearing Dude Wants His Bong and Weed Back

Jeffrey Shaver is not only the hero we need, he's the hero we deserve.
Moses Monterroza
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The Guide to Getting Into David Bowie

You may only know colossal, deceased star Bowie—but he was about more than the Nile Rodgers years. Here's where to start.
Jeremy Allen
New music

Listen to Motörhead’s Boisterous Version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

It's taken from a forthcoming Motörhead covers compilation, 'Under Cöver,' out September 1.
Alex Robert Ross
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All Your Favorite Marvel Heroes Team Up in the First 'Defenders' Trailer

Jessica Jones joins forces with the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, and Luke Cage meets the immortal Iron Fist before taking on Sigourney Weaver and an army of evil ninjas.
Lincoln Michel

Virtual Reality and Theater Come Together to a Classic David Bowie Tune

“HEROES: A Duet in Mixed Reality” redefines theatergoing on every level
Tanja M. Laden

For 12 Straight Years, These Three Dudes Have Recorded An NBA All-Star Rap Tribute

In 1989, Ultramagnetic MC's recorded a sprawling rap tribute to the NBA All-Star team. In 2006, three goofballs in Brooklyn did the same. They never stopped.
David Roth