Heroes of the Storm


This Video Proves That Death is Everyone's Fault

Everybody dies in 'Heroes of the Storm,' and everybody is to blame.
Cameron Kunzelman

Speaking to the Heroes of the Dorm Winners About Their eSports Futures

Arizona State's 'Real Dream Team' might have triumphed live on ESPN, but that doesn't guarantee its future in the world of competitive gaming.
Luke Winkie

Harvard's Recent Legacy of Cheating Now Extends to eSports

So much for 'Veritas.'
Leif Johnson
VICE vs Video games

It Was Once the Biggest eSport in the World, so What’s Happened to ‘StarCraft’?

Blizzard's RTS title has slipped from the headlines as MOBAs have become dominant in the eSports scene.
Matt Porter

Why Doesn't Blizzard's 'Heroes of the Storm' Have Any People of Color?

Old-fashioned fantasy and science fiction has left Blizzard’s all-stars with almost no characters of color.
Rowan Kaiser
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Odds Are eSports Betting Is Here to Stay

Who wants to bet on IRL sports when you can risk your rent on the fortunes of elves and orcs?
Matt Porter
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Six Ways in Which ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Is Incredible

Blizzard's brand-new MOBA is now out in the wild, and it's shaping up to be one of the best games in its field.
Mike Stubbsy
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The Greatest Moments in Blizzard Entertainment History

To mark the full release of "Heroes of the Storm" VICE Gaming looks back at the standout story scenes of Blizzard's games so far.
Matt Porter
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‘Hearthstone’ Is Amazing, but Its Players Can Be Real Assholes

Blizzard's card collecting game is an eSports phenomenon with 30 million players. Sadly, a great many of them are sarcastic shits.
Nick Cowen
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ESPN Should Be Showing eSports, but Maybe Not 'Heroes of the Storm'

The problem isn't that that ESPN2 aired a video game tournament, it's that they aired the wrong video game tournament.
Drew Millard

The Booming College Sport That Lets Athletes Get Paid

Believe it or not, eSports have made their way to college campuses and school-organized teams have no problem with competitors getting paid.
Kevin Trahan