Heroin Epidemic


How Addicts, First Responders, and the Government Are Grappling with America's Heroin Problem

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Vermont’s Heroin Crackdown Could be Fueling Crack-Related Violence

Brutal incidents like a couple being lit on fire by apparent crack thieves suggest things could get even worse in a state known for its heroin woes.


Heroin Kills White People More Than Anyone Else — And Nobody Is Sure Why

The rate of fatal heroin overdoses in the US nearly tripled between 2010 and 2013, and the vast majority of victims had one thing in common: They were white.


The DEA Seized $50 Million Worth of Heroin in One of the Swankiest Neighborhoods in New York

About 154 pounds of dope are now in police custody.


Burma's Heroin Addicts Are Plagued by Cheap Drugs and Conspiracy Theories

It's hard to get clean when a hit of high-grade heroin costs less than $2.