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As the U.S. focused on painkillers, fentanyl caused a 30 percent spike in overdoses

The problem is getting worse in major cities, and in a handful of states, mostly in the Midwest, where overdoses skyrocketed by nearly 70 percent.
Keegan Hamilton
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Heroin Kills White People More Than Anyone Else — And Nobody Is Sure Why

The rate of fatal heroin overdoses in the US nearly tripled between 2010 and 2013, and the vast majority of victims had one thing in common: They were white.
Tess Owen
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Critics Say New Plan to Stop Heroin Overdoses Shows White House 'Still Doesn’t Get It'

A new federal initiative aims to prevent overdoses by having public health and law enforcement officials work together, but some say it’s “destined to fail."
Liz Fields

The Easy Way England Could Stop Its Heroin Users Dying from Overdoses

Naloxone is a miracle drug that can bring people back from the brink of an overdose. Problem is, a mixture of fear and austerity is keeping local English councils from getting their hands on the stuff.
Max Daly

This New England Town Is Trying to Help Opioid Users Instead of Arresting Them

Gloucester, Massachusetts, is set to introduce a drug-forgiveness-and-treatment program for opioid users, the first of its kind in the nation.
Luke O'Neil
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Getting Fucked Up with Tom Baker, Norman Mailer, and Jim Morrison

A tale of lust, drugs, mistakes, and loss from famed punk historian Legs McNeil.
Legs McNeil

I Spoke to One of the Male Victims of My Weird Catfish Drama

When he stopped talking to her, the cyber charlatan told him—via other fake accounts of her "friends"—that she'd intentionally overdosed on heroin.
Ellie Flynn

Back from the Brink: Heroin's Antidote

VICE News went to Massachusetts to see how effective Narcan—a nasal spray that can halt opiate overdoses instantly—has been in stopping fatal overdoses.
VICE Staff