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Here's Every Best Picture Nominee as an Animated Illustration | GIF Six-Pack

While we anxiously await the 89th Academy Awards, enjoy Juppi Juppsen's animated interpretations of the Best Picture nominees.
Beckett Mufson
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Anicca Harriot Is Dabbing Her Way to the Stars

The 20-year-old biophysical sciences student went viral after posting a tweet calculating the angle of her dab, but that’s just one of many sci-tech accomplishments so far—and yet to come.
Carl Franzen

Women Working Behind-the-Scenes Are Still Getting Shafted at the Oscars

According to an annual study​ from the Women's Media Center, only 20 percent of all the nominations for non-acting awards went to women this year.
Brian Moylan
Vice News Tonight

Oscar-nominated “Hidden Figures” was whitewashed — but it didn’t have to be

Dexter Thomas

'Hidden Figures' Shows How Complicated Activism Can Be

While watching the brilliant biopic, it's easy to draw parallels to the women's march.
Eileen G'Sell

The ‘Hidden Figures’ of NASA’s Early Years and the Woman Who Told Their Story

Motherboard talks to author Margot Lee Shetterly about the legacy of pioneering black women mathematicians who helped NASA win the Space Race.
Becky Ferreira

Behind the Stories of Black Female Friendship in 'Hidden Figures'

Screenwriter Allison Schroeder talks being a woman in STEM and bringing the story of three black female scientists to the screen.
Sarah Hagi
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Listen to These N.E.R.D.s Talk About Aliens

Pharrell stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his 'Hidden Figures' film, life in the music industry, and life on other planets.
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Listen to an Extremely Smooth and Funky New Pharrell Song

The track is a little less "Happy" and a little more "Come Get It Bae" (thank GOD).
Lauren O'Neill

Here's 10 Must-See Movies for Music Lovers at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

From dancehall to Malian singer-songwriters to Janelle Monáe, this year's lineup offers something for everyone.
Tina Hassannia