• 7.26.12

      A Brief History of Atom Smashers

      Smashing two things together in order to uncover their hidden properties is something hardly limited to the pleasure-inducing, dirty acts you’re now thinking about. Particle physicists all over the world have been constantly working on and improving...

    • 7.10.12

      For Chrissakes, Stop Calling It 'God Particle'

      Detecting and cross-checking (and cross-checking again) the existence of the Higgs boson is a big undertaking and an important one, so its attention from the press is understandable - laudable, even. But the problem with covering the Higgs boson search...

    • 7.5.12

      What Is the Higgs Boson?

      We took to the streets of Williamsburg to figure out what the fuss is all about.

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    • 7.5.12

      The Higgs Boson, As Explained By YouTube

      Yesterday's "announcement":http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/05/science/cern-physicists-may-have-discovered-higgs-boson-particle.html?_r=1&hpw of a "Higgslike" particle at CERN's Large Hadron Collider, the most expensive science experiment ever, is less...

    • 7.5.12

      It Did Hurt: An Interview with Fermilab Physicist Rob Roser on Searching for Higgs in America

      Physicist Rob Roser is head of the Scientific Computing Division and formerly a spokesman for the CDF experiment at Fermilab's Tevatron accelerator, in Batavia, Illinois, an hour outside of Chicago. The Tevatron was switched off last September, leaving...

    • 7.4.12

      Too Cloudy for Fireworks? Check Out These Higgs GIFs

      It's not easy to visualize the maybe-discovered Higgs boson, especially since we can't see it. Instead we detect its presence by looking at the wreckage of collisions of protons, and finding the two other particles into which the Higgs is "thought to...

    • 7.4.12

      Hipster Pop Quiz: What is the Higgs Boson?

      Of course _you_ know what the Higgs boson is -- it's the theorized particle that composes the energy field that endows every other particle with mass. It's the particle that makes the universe possible, let's nature construct things, like humans, or...

    • 7.3.12

      What the Mood Is Like at CERN Right Now

      Don't pop your champagne "just yet":http://motherboard.vice.com/2012/7/2/for-the-love-of-god-particle-the-god-particle-has-not-yet-been-discovered, but the Swiss lab is maybe about to be hosting the biggest "coming out party":http://www.guardian.co.uk...

    • 7.2.12

      Stop Saying the Higgs Boson Has Been Found

      Oh, God, more news of a big physics "discovery."