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Kanye's Tweets, J. Cole's Return, and The Best Stuff You Missed This Week

This week in Noisey features: Kanye West makes his fans question their faith, J. Cole Makes everyone mad somehow, Yeah Yeah Yeahs remain essential, and 'High Fidelity' takes heat.
Noisey Staff
At The Movies

‘High Fidelity’ Created a Hero for a Generation of Sociopathic “Nice Guys”

John Cusack’s Rob Gordon character became a cult hero among hopeless romantic music fanboys, but he wasn’t meant to be likable. In fact, he was a huge asshole.
Dan Ozzi
steamed ham

Way Too Much Time and Energy Went Into This VR Version of the ‘Steamed Ham’ Meme

Someone reenacted the iconic 'Simpsons' scene with Vive motion control and recorded it in High Fidelity.
Samantha Cole

Why Apple’s Last Foray Into Home Speakers Was Such a Fiasco

The iPod Hi-Fi stumbled out of the gate, mocked by audiophiles and announced to the world during perhaps Apple’s weakest Steve Jobs keynote ever. The speaker was nice enough, but it simply didn’t match iPod users’ needs.
Ernie Smith
Longreads Or Whatever

I Spent a Day Visiting Britain's Best New Record Stores

The hunt for that quintessential record store experience took me far and wide, to some of the finest establishments on in the UK.
Oobah Butler
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Bizarre Advert for Tidal Is Like a Softcore American Psycho

Because music streaming isn't just for men, it's for men with suits, watches, newspapers, and confidence.
Joe Zadeh

Creepily Realistic Avatars Are Giving 'Second Life' a Second Life

"It'll scare the hell out of you."
Meghan Neal