High on Fire


Noisey's Year in Metal 2018

Noisey metal editor Kim Kelly shares her Best of 2018 list, reflects on the past year in metal, and looks to the struggles ahead.


We Should Be Hopeful About Metal's Future

How two young Japanese girls convinced me that metal is changing for the better (plus new tunes from Carpe Noctem, Minority Threat, Domkraft, To End It All, and more).


Of Course Sleep Is Releasing Their First Album in Over a Decade on 4/20

An iTunes listing reveals that the stoner metal legends' new album, 'The Sciences,' will be out tomorrow on Jack White's Third Man Records label.


The Metal Barbarian Dominates the Heroic Fantasies of Metalheads Everywhere

Vikings, Druids, and pirates were actually kind of lame, but the Metal Barbarian remains pure in its brutality.


Behind the Scenes of the New Windhand LP, Doom Metal's Most Anticipated Album of the Year

'Grief's Infernal Flower' is going to crush you, and it's produced by Seattle legend Jack Endino.


High On Fire Opened a Gate to Hell with "The Sunless Years"

'Luminiferous' will crush everyone you know.


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Exploring The Worlds Of Wirral Peninsula's Heaviest Band


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We talked to Matt Pike and Jeff Matz about how they are able to terrify us with their instruments.