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The Godfather of D.C. Basketball was Also a Cocaine Kingpin

Curtis Malone ran one of the best basketball programs in the country, but he also had a side gig selling cocaine and heroin.
VICE Sports Staff

The Rise of HS Basketball Highlight Reel Factories and the Impact on Students

Many high schools gyms are now flooded with video crews looking to document the next great high school prospect, increasing the pressure on teenagers who are now expected to act like adults.
Alex Shultz

Watch Vintage Footage of Doris Burke Slaying it in HS Basketball

She went by Doris Sable at the time. And good goddamn did she wreck fools on the court.
Liam Daniel Pierce

High School Refs in Maine are Giving Technical Fouls for Dunking

A rarely-enforced rule that prohibits "grasping the rim" on dunks is all of a sudden being called in the Maine high school state tournament.
Liam Daniel Pierce

For the Love of God, Would You Just Watch High Schooler Zion Williamson Casually Destroy This Dunk?

Just listen to the parents losing their minds at the sheer grace and power. Because honestly, it's hard to believe you're seeing it even in a video.
Liam Daniel Pierce

High Schooler Hits One-Handed Twisting Runner Buzzer-Beater in State Tournament

The Champlin Park Rebels are heading to the state semifinals thanks to this crazy buzzer-beater.
Patrick Sauer

Denise, Jeanette, and the Game of the Century

For NBA fans, Denise Long is a footnote. But in Iowa, her legend lives. Excerpted from 'RISE AND FIRE: The Origins, Science, and Evolution of the Jump Shot—And How It Transformed Basketball Forever.'
Shawn Fury
lavar ball

Family Home Burglarized While LaVar Ball Was Out Watching Sons Play

Thieves broke into the Ball household during LeMelo and LiAngelo's state semifinal game.
Patrick Sauer
high school basketball

Montana High School Basketball Teams Come Together Against Anti-Native American Shock Jock

After an inflammatory column criticizing Native American high school basketball fans, two teams linked arm in arm before playing.
Patrick Sauer

High School Star LaMelo Ball Scores 92 Points in Game

He only had 29 points at halftime.
Sean Newell
high school basketball

Report: New Jersey High School Coach has Six Players Living in His Condo, Can't Feed Them

A report from New Jersey claims a powerhouse high school basketball program has six foreign transfer students living with the head coach.
Dave Brown
zion williamson

Watch Some More of Zion WIlliamson Dunking All Over Everything

Zion Williamson is back and he's still dunking over everyone in the gym.
Patrick Sauer