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HS Football Championship Game Ends in Absolute Madness

The ending of the WCAC championship game between Gonzaga College and DeMatha Catholic saw several long bombs, a 75-yard kickoff return return, and a 60-yard Hail Mary. Insanity.


Cops Crack Case of Mystery Poops on a HS Football Field

Not only was Thomas Tramaglini allegedly do(o)ing it on a daily basis, he was the superintendent at a rival high school district.


High School Team Stages Miracle Comeback with 3 TDs in Final Minute

Two onside kicks and three touchdowns in a minute made up for the 27-16 gap, and helped Maple Grove win the state quarterfinals.


Kayvon Thibodeaux is Rushing Between Two Worlds

He's the country's top overall high school football player. And he just left his neighborhood behind. But the people closest to him say football isn't even his greatest gift.


Girls' High School Football Title IX Suit Misses The Point

A group of Utah female youth players want their local school districts to offer the sport. But maybe nobody should be playing it.


HS Football Coach Allegedly Stuck Dick in a Hot Dog Bun and Showed it to Players

This hot dog is definitely not a sandwich.


Tom Brady's Agent Is Starting a Pro Football League for College-Age Players

We talk to sports agent Don Yee about his planned Pacific Pro developmental football league, which will pay athletes and could compete for talent with NCAA schools.


"OK, God, What's Next?": A High School Football Coach Faces ALS

High-school football coach Jeremy Williams was diagnosed with ALS in 2007. It wasn’t the first time that his family’s resiliency had been tested, and it wouldn’t be the last.


What Happened When a Black High School Football Player Knelt During the National Anthem

When Ohio high school quarterback Rodney Axson Jr. and two of his African-American teammates took a knee to protest racial injustice, blowback followed.


Friday Night Lights Out: The Case for Abolishing High School Football

A Nevada school board candidate wants to eliminate high school football, and a handful of others are making a medical, ethical, and financial case against America's favorite prep sport. Their arguments are unpopular. But are they right?


"Slaughter of the Innocents": When D.C. Considered Banning High School Football

In 1909, one woman kicked off a heated debate in the nation's capitol, pitting skeptical educators against football supporters about whether the sport belonged in schools at all.


Thanksgiving High School Game Ends In Bonkers Comeback After Losing Team's Fans Stormed the Field

No one saw it coming. Grandma rescinded the biscuits and turkey.