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The Cat That Surfed on a Van Going 60 MPH Is Somehow Still Alive

It looks like the feline, aptly named Rebel, still has eight lives left.
Drew Schwartz

When a Homeless Addict Gets Blamed for a Massive Highway Collapse

A homeless man who smoked crack near the site of a highway fire in Atlanta is on the hook for the fiasco. But even if he did it, the incident speaks to inequality and neglect.
Camille Pendley

Empty Highways Burst with Color in Bold Landscape Paintings

Grant Haffner captures burning sunsets through the prisms of memory.
Masha (Maria) Koblyakova

UK to Try Using "Electric Highways"

Trials will soon begin for a new technology that powers ultra-low emission vehicles while they're in motion.
Kevin Holmes
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Idaho Had to Replace Mile Marker 420 with Marker Number 419.9 Because You Stoned Idiots Kept Stealing It

We get it, you smoke weed.
Mike Pearl

Surviving the Narco-Blockades of Mexico's Jalisco State

'My skin goes cold when I see a pickup or heavy traffic,' says one resident of the state that has seen a dramatic spike in crime and violence since the emergence of the Jalisco New Generation cartel.
Duncan Tucker and Victor Hugo Ornelas

America's Infrastructure Is Slowly Falling Apart

And here are the projects that prove it.
Bill Bradley
Motherboard Blog

The Truth about America's Highway Killers: An Interview with Author Ginger Strand

In the special Bicentennial Issue of Life, the nation’s interstate system was described as, “The most grandiose and indelible signature that Americans have ever scratched across the face of their land.” This statement remains truer than the magazine’s...
Michael Arria