How Hippies Turned a College Town into 'The Dope Capital of the Midwest'

In the early 70s, far-left activists got the chance to govern Ann Arbor. The first thing they did was make weed essentially legal.
Adam Woodhead
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This Mom Left Her Placenta in a Park for a Birthday 'Holistic Ritual'

A year after giving birth, a Toronto-area mother wanted to return the placenta and other things "to nature." Why she would do that in a public park is anyone’s guess.
Mack Lamoureux

Harlem Are All Mellow and Literary on "Queen of Mosquitos"

The long-absent indie band, who will return with their third album 'Oh Boy' in February, have a new single that references Valerie Solanas and Corinthian columns. It's lovely.
Alex Robert Ross
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I Joined an Anarchist Commune Expecting To Hate It, But Coming Home Sucked

Somewhere between confronting my fear of shit and planting shrooms on Poole's Land, my cynicism melted.
Manisha Krishnan
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A Fateful Hunt for a Buried Stash of the Greatest LSD Ever Made

In the 1970s, a quiet pocket of rural Wales became the psychedelic hub of the world. We went back in search of the chemists, dealers, and thousands of hidden blotters.
Joe Zadeh

I Spent Three Years Living with Runaway Rainbow Children

As travelers move along from this year’s Rainbow Gathering, author Chris Urquhart documents their year-round lifestyle.
Chris Urquhart
light art

Psychedelic Light Art Celebrates the Summer of Love's 50th Anniversary

Trippy projections illuminating San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers commemorate the summer of 1967.
Taylor Lindsay

The Day Hippies Learned to Love Granola

It all began at Woodstock. Maybe.
Alexis Ferenczi

The Photographer Who Inspired "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"

A repress of Tom Wolfe's seminal book features rare manuscripts, photos, and more. We talked to Lawrence Schiller, whose photographs of the counterculture movement inspired Wolfe, about how the new text offers the "full picture of set and setting."
Patrick Lyons

Love, Bums, and Drum Circles: Postcards from a Modern-Day Hippie Paradise

Every year, hippies, anarchists, artists, and reincarnations of religious figures come together at the Rainbow Gathering to celebrate love and peace.
Denis Vejas

The Trippy Life of the LSD Manufacturer Who ‘Helped Create the 60s’

Augustus Owsley Stanley III was the LSD chemist and audio maestro who not only created the Grateful Dead's "Wall of Sound" and inspired the band's dancing bear iconography, but also created the drugs that sparked the "spirit of that era."
Seth Ferranti
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Lykke Li Started a Supergroup and Their First Video Is Full of Nudists

Swedish pop fans unite! This supergroup contains Lykke Li plus members of Miike Snow and Peter Bjorn and John.
Noisey Staff