• 3.16.17

      The Satanic Temple Wants to Save Kids from Abusive Teachers

      The Temple plans to erect billboards in areas that still allow corporal punishment in public schools and notify school boards of children's civil rights.

    • 10.3.16

      David Ortiz Doesn't Need Baseball Anymore

      You probably have to go back to Ted Williams, and the .316/.451/.645 line he put up in 1960, to find a superstar who walked off the field with so much left to give. And make no mistake: the Boston Red Sox slugger is going out on top.

    • 9.14.16

      The Bottom Line: Why People Love Spanking So Much

      The sadomasochistic act has been a fascination of everyone from artists to philosophers to sex researchers for hundreds of years. So we had to know—what's up with hitting butts?

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    • 5.25.16

      Jose Altuve's Little Changes Have Made a Big Difference

      Going into this season, Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve served as a curious example of what happens when you drop a deadball-era hitter into a 21st-century game. It worked, but this year Altuve has gotten even better.

    • 6.12.15

      David Ortiz And The End

      Last year, David Ortiz had one of the best seasons a 38-year-old has ever had. This year, he's been hopeless. He's looked finished before, but is this the end?

    • 4.21.15

      Joey Votto Is Playing Chess

      Baseball's better hitters have a plan at the plate. Joey Votto has something more like a worldview, and is once again using it to smash everything.