Ho Chi Minh City


Chef Nikki Tran's Viet-Texan Cuisine Reflects the Breadth of Vietnamese Food

“I never learned how to make traditional Vietnamese food, so I thought I would do something different—that way nobody could say if it was right or wrong.”
Diana Hubbell
ruh roh

An Alleged $660 Million ICO Scam Sparked a Protest In Vietnam

Modern Tech JSC disappeared without a trace, allegedly leaving investors in the lurch.
Jordan Pearson
Vietnamese Food

There's a $100 Banh Mi in Saigon, and People Are Actually Buying It

"It’s over the top, but at the same time we want to respect the banh mi sandwich," says chef Peter Cuong Franklin.
Wesley Grover

Vietnam Is in the Midst of a Craft Beer Boom

What started as a micro-movement has blown up into a craft craze, as Ho Chi Minh City's breweries experiment with local ingredients, from cacao nibs and passion fruit to smoked acacia bark and even durian.
Diana Hubbell
the people speak

Do You Trust The Police? - The People Speak

In this episode of 'The People Speak,' VICE News traveled around the world to ask people what they think about the police.

How a Business Major from God's Country Became Saigon's Most Interesting Brewer

The day I visit the brewery, Carl is waiting for a shipment of jackfruit for their wheat ale, and he has to figure out how to clean rambutans out of a holding tank (answer: a dustpan tied to the end of some scrap metal).
Nicholas Santalucia

Vietnam Arrests 65-Year-Old Blogger for Posting 'Bad Content'

The Vietnamese government is cracking down on the country's growing army of bloggers. It also has one of the world's worst records for press freedoms, say advocates.
Melodie Bouchaud