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Jussie Smollett allegedly faked his attack. But hate crimes are almost never hoaxes, data shows.

In both 2016 and 2017, only about .3 percent of reported hate crimes turned out to be fake.
Tess Owen
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Boomers Share the Most Fake News on Facebook, Study Finds

A new study found that age was the main factor that determined whether someone would spread misinformation on Facebook.
Sarah Emerson
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No, Tilapia Is Not a Mutant, Boneless, Toxic Fish, Despite What the Internet Says

Please stop falling for that crazy graphic of tilapia “facts” that is making its way around the internet.
Jelisa Castrodale

Can Wikipedia Solve YouTube's Conspiracy Theory Problem?

The Wikimedia Foundation wasn’t given warning before Susan Wojcicki announced at SXSW that YouTube is planning to use its content to debunk fake news.
Samantha Cole
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Don't Worry, Tide Pods Aren't Going Anywhere

Don't believe the story about Tide pulling the toxic little guys off the shelves.
Mike Pearl
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Trump Has No Idea What 'Fake News' Means

The president is apparently super mad about reporting errors that outlets have already apologized for. Weirdly, he doesn't seem to care about errors that make him sound good.
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Hawaii's Mistaken Ballistic Missile Alert Shows How Fake News Spreads

And more stories that turned out to be nothing.
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The Ten Most Toxic Pieces of Fake News in 2017

A roundup of the year's ugliest, most damaging lies.
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Roy Moore's Senate Campaign Is Still Propped Up by Bullshit

Defenders of the Alabama Senate candidate latched onto a real statement from one of Moore's accusers and distorted it until it became fake news.
Mike Pearl
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The Roy Moore Accusations Have Been a Magnet for Fake News

Somehow, the Alabama special election has managed to get even uglier in the last week, this time thanks to hoaxes.
Mike Pearl
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No, the Sutherland Springs Shooter Wasn't Antifa

And other fake news from the week.
Mike Pearl
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Air Force Academy Reveals Black Student Was Behind Racist Messages

The school's superintendent condemned the racist messages in a viral speech after five black students found them scrawled in their dorm.
Drew Schwartz