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Does It Belong In a Museum?

eBay, Organized Crime, and Evangelical Christians: The Ethical Minefield of Studying Ancient Civilizations

Iraqi artifacts smuggled into the US by Hobby Lobby contain new evidence of a lost Sumerian city, and have scholars divided over whether to study the looted relics.
Sarah Emerson
Culture Looted

Ancient Artifacts Smuggled by Hobby Lobby Traced to Mysterious Sumerian City

Some of the 5,500 stolen artifacts purchased by Hobby Lobby are believed to have originated in the long-lost city of Irisagrig.
Sarah Emerson

Rich American evangelicals are forking over millions for fake Dead Sea Scrolls

Greg Walters

Hear Trump’s judge pick admit he discriminates against gay people

But he doesn't think that should prevent him from serving on the federal bench.
Alex Lubben
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Hobby Lobby Fined $3 Million for Buying Smuggled Ancient Artifacts

The crafts company has been asked to forfeit thousands of "historically significant manuscripts, antiquities, and other cultural materials" smuggled from Iraq.
Mack Lamoureux

Congress Wants to Stop the Assholes Who Use 'Religious Freedom' to Discriminate

A new bill called the Do Not Harm Act could stop individuals and corporations from using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to infringe on the civil rights of women and the LGBT community.
Gabby Bess

Nuns Are Battling Birth Control Provision at the US Supreme Court

In a case described as Hobby Lobby 2.0, a Catholic order of nuns known as Little Sisters of the Poor is arguing that Obamacare infringes on their right to religious liberty.
Liz Fields

The Satanic Temple Is Suing Missouri Over Its Abortion Law

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal district court, the Temple argues that the restrictions violate its members "rights to free exercise."
Avi Asher-Schapiro

How Hobby Lobby Paved the Way for the Current Rush of Religious Freedom Laws

Despite the blowback in Indiana, 15 other states are considering religious liberty bills in the wake of widespread acceptance of gay marriage and the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision.
Colleen Curry

Prominent Georgia Republican Who Defended Sodomy Laws Rips 'Religious Liberty' Bills

The fight in Georgia is similar to debates in other US states where conservatives have proposed laws that would allow discrimination based on religious beliefs.
Colleen Curry

A 9/11 Suspect Is Using the Hobby Lobby Ruling to Argue Female Prison Guards Violate His Rights

Lawyers argue that the new prison guard policy at Guantanamo could put in jeopardy the government's ability to seek the death penalty for certain detainees.
Jason Leopold

Atheists and Religious Conservatives Battle Over the Right to Preach Politics in Church

An atheist group sued the IRS over its failure to police churches guilty of politicking. They settled, but the religious right is not happy.
Alice Speri